Corporate and Political Accountability

The Nathan Cummings Foundation


Corporate and Political Accountability

NCF focuses our corporate and political accountability work on efforts to expand racial and economic justice, create an inclusive clean economy and enhance the access and ability of diverse voices to contribute to our vision of a more just, vibrant, sustainable and democratic society. We use our standing as both a grantmaker and an investor to spur greater transparency and democratize deeply entrenched concentrations of power currently held by political and corporate elites. NCF has led the way in getting funders to look beyond their grant-making budgets to deploy more of their assets to advance their missions and we will strengthen the alignment of these efforts with our program goals moving forward. 

Specifically, NCF will use its grant dollars and its investments to:

  • Address inequality and climate change through active ownership practices like proxy voting, resolution filing and other forms of corporate engagement;
  • Support and amplify religious, cultural and community leaders working to hold corporations and politicians accountable for their part in perpetuating inequality and delaying action on climate change;
  • Support organizations that leverage shareholder activities and investment strategies to: hold corporations — including media companies — accountable, encourage business practices and policies that advance transparency, expand economic opportunity for economically vulnerable groups and accelerate a just transition to a clean energy economy; and
  • Fund organizations working to address obstacles to change and promote sustainable business practices, a more equitable economy, media rights and access and viable alternatives to short-term thinking.

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