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How To Apply

How To Apply for A Grant


Additional Factors

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In order to be eligible for a grant from the Nathan Cummings Foundation, both of the following eligibility criteria must apply to your organization or project:

  1. Applying organizations must be recognized by the U.S. Internal Revenue Service as being 501(c)(3) tax-exempt public charities (not private foundations). 
    • Note: Projects that are not recognized as tax-exempt public charities must have a fiscal sponsor.  In this case, the fiscal sponsor is the applicant of record and must agree to take full legal, administrative, and financial responsibility for the project. See FAQ for more information about Fiscal Sponsors.
  2. The proposed grant must not be intended to support any of the following:
    • Academic scholarships
    • Sponsorships, fundraising events, or dinners
    • Projects addressing specific diseases
    • Social services or direct services
    • Capital campaigns, building campaigns, or endowment funds
    • Holocaust or history-based projects
    • Jewish, Hebrew, or arts education
    • Projects addressing K-12 or higher education programs
    • Congregations/Churches
    • 501(c)(4) organizations
    • Litigation
    • Individuals
      • Note: The Nathan Cummings Foundation supports individual applicants through the Nathan Cummings Foundation Fellowship Program, for more information click here.

Eligibility to apply for support is not a guarantee of funding.  For more information about eligibility, please visit the FAQs.



The Foundation receives a great volume of requests for support from worthy organizations.  This volume exceeds the foundation’s resources.

In addition to the above-mentioned eligibility criteria, we suggest that you keep in mind the following additional factors.

  • Program alignment: To what extent does the project or organization address one of NCF’s four focus areas (Inclusive Clean Economy, Racial and Economic Justice, Corporate and Political Accountability, Voice, Creativity and Culture)
  • Geographic Reach: Where is your project based? Our work is concentrated on the US.  However, we will continue to support work in Israel, and may make a limited number of grants to support work in other places, recognizing that it is important to operate with, and be informed by, a global perspective.
  • Impact: Does the project or organization’s work have global, national, or regional impact? If not, is there a strategic plan for achieving broader impact?
  • Other: NCF generally does not fund organizations focused primarily on youth, leadership development or litigation.



We require a Letter of Inquiry (LOI) from all applicants for any funding consideration. Please note that submitting an LOI does not guarantee funding.

The purpose of the LOI is to introduce us to your work so that we may determine if it is in alignment with the Nathan Cummings Foundation’s programs and focus. If your program is a good fit, you may be invited to submit a full application. We prefer LOI submissions via email to



If you believe your project meets the above criteria, you are welcome to email the foundation a two-page LOI.

In addition to your LOI, please include the following information:

1. A copy of the organization’s IRS tax-exempt letter.

2. Basic Organizational Information

Include a brief statement of the organization’s mission and activities

3. Contact Person

Name, title, complete mailing address, website, e-mail address, telephone and fax numbers;

4. Grant Description

Provide a brief explanation of the issues and problems that the proposed project/organization will address, and describe how the work aligns with the Foundation’s areas of focus:

5. Duration

Length of time for which the funds are being requested

6. Budget

For general support, provide an organizational budget. For project support, provide an organizational budget and a project budget. All budgets should show projected income and expenses.

Presently, NCF is not accepting any LOIs or proposals regarding our Israel-related funding as we are in a learning and strategy development phase.

 Please email all Letters of Inquiry to: