Board of Trustees

The Nathan Cummings Foundation


Board of Trustees

Our Trustees bring experience, expertise, and vision to the Foundation. They are philanthropists and activists in the arts, health services, religious and spiritual organizations, environmental advocacy groups, schools and universities, poverty programs, and citizen action groups. The majority are descendants of Nathan Cummings. Other family members, who serve on Foundation committees as Associates of the Foundation also contribute actively to the work of the Foundation.


  • Ruth Cummings, Chair
  • Jaimie Mayer, Vice Chair
  • James K. Cummings, Secretary
  • Michael Cummings, Treasurer
  • Sharon L. Alpert, President & CEO
  • Jane M. Saks, Governance Chair

  • Adam Cummings
  • Hannah Cummings
  • Jason Cummings
  • Richard Cummings
  • Roberta Friedman Cummings
  • Sonia Simon Cummings
  • Sophal Ear
  • Tricia Rose
  • Rey Ramsey



  • Beatrice C. Mayer



  • Dashiell Driscoll, Associate II
  • Rebecca Gregg, Associate II
  • Clea Shearer, Associate II
  • Amy Sorensen-Sharvit, Associate II
  • Phillip Sorensen, Associate II