The Second Chapter: Nathan Cummings Foundation 2000-2010

The Nathan Cummings Foundation


Our History: The Second Decade

The Nathan Cummings Foundation partners with StoryCorps

When NCF produced the book "A Family Foundation", the history of its first ten years, the goal was to develop an accurate archival record of how the foundation took shape; to communicate that history with others, especially family foundations; and to encourage interested people of wealth to be thoughtful in creating their own foundations and philanthropic endeavors. We were enormously successful.  We have received hundreds of requests for the monograph and continue to receive thousands more through downloads.

The success of that publication started with the NCF stakeholders and we have continued that legacy of inclusiveness and influence with the second decade of our history.  We have added a new dimension and partnered with StoryCorps to present an oral history of our work since the year 2000.  StoryCorps is a nonprofit whose mission is to provide Americans with the chance to record, share and preserve their stories.

There are hundreds of stories within the Nathan Cummings Foundation; our goal was to capture the essence of the milestones of the past ten years and share them with you in the words of our trustees, associates, staff and grantees.

In keeping with NCF's cutting-edge work and environmental policies, we felt an interactive oral history would not only be greener, but a more intimate way of capturing history using contemporary technology, illuminating above and beyond the page.